WinPrice is an online ordering software. This easy-to-use tool was developed by Katren's experts.

The help system is integrated into the workspace of the software and is available during operation, which facilitates user training. After you have finished training, you can remove the help window from the screen, freeing up more space for work. The software can use either dial-up or broadband Internet connection to receive the price list and send requests.


At any time, the software allows you to:

Receive details the information on Katren's warehouses and medicine prices [click here to view]

Perform a rapid search for all the drugs you need using a powerful and user-friendly filtering system [click here to view]

Send requests to Katren and quickly get informed about any rejections and the reasons for them [click here to view]

Look at the request history and check the current status of your last request [click here to view]

Specify a delivery address for your request [click here to view]

Receive advertising information and announcements about events and competitions [click here to view]

Check detailed info about medicines [click here to view]

Receive digital invoices from Katren and automatically import them into your accounting system

The new search function will allow you to quickly find products, even if their name is not evident, which is especially handy when working with supplements and parapharmaceuticals [click here to view]

For more details about installing the program, please contact your Katren manager.

Customer support phone number

8 (383) 363 26 02