Electronic Document Flow

is a legally sound electronic document management system

The large document flow between pharmacy and distributor is a distinctive feature of the pharmaceutical industry. Every day, dozens of documents are transmitted, spanning hundreds of pages and containing thousands of product names. Traditionally, this kind of paperwork requires a lot of time and effort from both parties. Therefore, Katren offers all pharmacy institutions a new service to reduce the cost of document management tenfold. All you have to do is move from paper to digital.

Katren exchanges digital invoices, bills of lading and price negotiation protocols. Documents in electronic form are legally sound and can be given to all regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation.

The movement of digital documents is arranged through Federal Tax Service accredited electronic document flow operators:

CJSC «PF SKB Kontur»
(Diadoc system – www.diadoc.ru)

LTD «Tenzor company»
(SBIS system – www.sbis.ru)

The Electronic Document Flow operator gives each participant a personal account through which it is possible to obtain legal documents.

Benefits of electronic document flow for pharmacies and pharmacy chains are as follows:


Reduced time to receive original documents


Automatic validation of each downloaded invoice and, consequently, guaranteed VAT offset


Guaranteed, instant delivery of signed copies to the distributor


Reduced cost of processing received documents thanks to a quick and correct data transfer into pharmacies' accounting systems


Quick search for any delivery document


No paper archives means guaranteed safety of documents


Access to documents strictly on the need-to-know basis


Possibility to provide documents to the tax services without a stamp on paper

To connect to the legally sound electronic document flow system, please contact your manager.

Customer support phone number

8 (383) 363 26 02