06.06 2018

Apteka.ru leads in the online shop rating, in the medical product category

According to MAGRAM Market Research, 37% of Internet users order medicines on Apteka.ru

MAGRAM Market Research, an independent research agency, found where people, who spend a fair amount of time online, shop on the Internet and what products they buy there. They surveyed 2403 active Internet users aged 20 to 55 from all the Federal districts of Russia for this research. The results showed that 90 % of the respondents made online purchases last year, with the largest share of online purchases (55%) in the clothing and shoe category, and the smallest (15%) in the food one. A quarter of the buyers bought medical products online.

In eight out of the ten categories the AliExpress service leads the way, with medical products and books being the exceptions led by undisputed winners Apteka.ru and Ozon.ru, respectively.

Research demonstrated that Apteka.ru leads in its category with 37% Internet users buying medical products from them. The remaining share is accounted for by Ozon.ru with 15%, AliExpress with 6%, iHerb and apteka-ot-sklada.ru with 5 % each, and Joom и Piluli.ru with 2 % each.