13.04 2018

Apteka.ru is again in the top 30 Russian sites ranked by volume of sales

The analytics company Data Insight has published its rating list, E-Commerce Index – Top 100 2017. The list ranks the 100 biggest Russian Internet portals by volume of sales in 2017.

Apteka.ru was number 21 on the list, two positions higher than a year earlier. According to the data in the rating, the volume of sales and number of orders * through the site grew by 30% in 2017. Apteka.ru was rated number 6 in terms of the total number of orders.


The site’s closest competitor in the “Health and Beauty” category was placed 47th on the list.

Every year the Data Insight analytics agency publishes a consolidated rating of Russian Internet shops. At the core of this research lies a complex methodology for drawing up ratings and collecting data, which involves checking the data used for the rating at each stage with representatives of the shops. The numbers of orders are monitored, and this data, combined with data provided by the websites in question and open source data, is used to monitor the number of visitors to the sites. The results obtained from various sources using different methodologies are collated to exclude unreliable data.

The rating table is traditionally headed by well-known Russian internet shops such as wildberries.ru, (clothes, shoes and accessories), ulmart.ru (household appliances) and citilink.ru (a general shop), as well as sites of electronics and household appliance shops such as MVideo, Eldorado and Svyaznoy.

The Apteka.ru service was created by Katren in 2012. The number of orders placed by consumers each year using the service has now increased a number of times. In 2016 Apteka.ru won two “Green Cross” International pharmaceutical awards: Social Project of the Year, and Pharmacy Brand of the Year.

*In this press release, and/ or on the site www.apteka.ru the term “order” means the placement by a user of that site of an order of goods from the pharmacy organization, addressed to JSC NPK Katren, for the delivery of the selected goods under a delivery agreement concluded between the latter two parties. 18+