27.03 2018

Apteka.ru occupies 48% of the market for online purchases of medicines and other goods.

The Data Insight Agency has published its study The Online Market for Medical Goods for H1 2017.

The Data Insight Agency has published its study The Online Market for Medical Goods for H1 2017. For H1 2017, the number of orders of medical goods via internet services increased by 35%, compared to H1 2016. The amount of online orders rose by 33%. Meanwhile, for the period from July 2016 to June 2017, 9.8 million orders were placed, totaling RUB 23.7 billion, with 48% of all orders placed with the help of the Apteka.ru service. According to the agency, statistics on the number of orders and volume of sales were based on data from 1,000 of the largest Russian online stores. To count the quantity of orders, the results of regular monitoring of the number of online orders, as well as data submitted by stores or available through open access, were used.

The average bill in this sector amounts to RUB 2,400. The study incorporates online orders of medical goods, including: pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, eyewear (glasses and contacts), and dietary supplements. The majority of orders (58%) were placed with the help of mobile devices. Moreover, the most popular app for orders was also Apteka.ru. According to Google Play, the app was downloaded more than 500 thousand times. Federal Law No. 61 On theicine Circulation of Medicines of April 12, 2010, prohibits the distance trading of medicines. However, in 2018 this restriction could be removed. Right now, a relevant draft law is under consideration before parliament.