06.10 2017

Katren is recognized as “Distributor of the Year,” Apteka.ru won the nomination “Social Project of the Year”

Katren JSC has received “Green Cross” - a prestigious award in two nominations

On 4 October 2017, there was held the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Green Cross National Pharma Award. A total over of hundred nominees put in a claim for the victory in 26 nominations combined into 4 categories.

The ceremony of awarding the pharmacy industry professionals is held for the third time. From the very beginning, the organisers have taken sufficiently high standard to ensure the transparency and integrity of the voting process. The Executive Directorate of the award is represented by the Green Cross Advertising Agency, and the Organising Committee included representatives of the leading analytical and research companies, such as AlphaRM, RNC Pharma, IMS Health, DSM Group, GfK and TNS.

The voting process was conducted in two stages. At the first stage, simultaneously with the voting of the Expert Council, consisting of representatives of pharmacy networks, analyst companies, educational institutions, professional associations, distributors, professional media and advertising agencies, there was held the voting among pharmacy community (pharmacists) on the website of the award: www.green-cross.pro.

Katren JSC has been recognized as “Distributor of the Year” by holding the top spot among four competitors. Pharmaceutical community and experts highly appreciated the company’s progress in the development of logistics and infrastructure that facilitate the costs reduction and service quality improvement.

Another significant victory was the nomination “Social Project of the Year” won by Apteka.ruApteka.ru is the largest medicine booking service on the Russian market. The number of pharmacies associated with Apteka.ru across the country exceeds 14,700. The Russians place more than 15 thousand orders with its help on a daily basis. More than 3.6 million unique users per month visit its website. The service helps to implement the constitutional right of a Russian citizen to health, allowing a person to choose the desired medical product from 19.4 thousand positions available to people of any even the most remote area of Russia.

Deputy Marketing Director of Katren JSC Elena Traush commented: “Apteka.ru is a unique project. It gives the service users in different regions an opportunity to order* necessary medical products from a wide range of medicines at affordable prices. Katren Company is implementing the project in compliance with the legislation and guarantees high quality of the medicines delivered. We are pleased that the pharmaceutical community has appreciated our efforts and awarded us the victory in this important nomination “Social Project of the Year” for the second time in a row.

*An “order” on the https://apteka.ru/ site indicates an application by the user on the said site, addressed to Katren JSC from the pharmacy organization for the delivery of selected goods in accordance with the delivery agreement concluded between the Katren JSC and the user.