18.09 2017

Katren’s New Automated Warehouse Opened in Khabarovsk

15 September 2017, Khabarovsk. – Katren JSC has finished reconstruction of its regional warehouse in Khabarovsk.

Katren JSC re-equipped and expanded its warehouse in Khabarovsk as part of its long-term logistics development programme. After the reconstruction, the area of the automated warehousing facility, which complies in full with the international standard of GDP, increased to 4.8 thousand square meters, and its capacity expanded by 2.5 times. The warehouse product range covers over 15.5 thousand positions. The pharmaceutical warehouse is equipped with an Austrian automated product assembly line, each operation involving a radio terminal. Therefore, the product movement is monitored by the warehouse accounting system in real time reducing the probability of error and eliminating paper work. The storage zones with different temperature modes are isolated from one another and from the wholesale assembly zone.

The warehouse processes orders from pharmaceutical institutions, as well as the ones filed by end customers with apteka.ru, a pharmacy search and order service. The goods are shipped all over the Far East: the Khabarovsk Krai, the Primorsky Krai, the Amur Region, the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Kamchatka Kray and the Magadan Region.

Dmitry Murchaev, Director of the Katren branch in Khabarovsk, says, “The Khabarovsk warehousing facility has been reconstructed as part of Katren’s extensive investment programme to upgrade and develop the company’s logistical system. The new warehousing capacities increase the scope of inventory and expand the product range to provide people with the medicines they need.”