16.05 2017

Katren OJSC 2016 Financial Report Out

Katren OJSC has published its annual marketing report on the results of the activities of the holding for 2016 on its website www.katrengroup.ru.

The document presents the key directions and key performance indicators for each subsidiary company included in Katren OJSC.

As Director General of Katren OJSC Vladimir Spiridonov notes in his address, “The year 2016 did not bring us any surprises. The situation on the CIS markets of remained tense, although the Russian pharmaceutical market demonstrated a restrained growth at the end of the year. Under these conditions, due to the Group’s stable business model and timely adjustment of the strategy, Katren Holdings demonstrated satisfactory results.” The Group's revenue increased by 11% compared to 2015, having amounted to RUB 239 billion, while the net profit reached RUB 2.6 billion.

KPMG independent auditors have confirmed the 2016 financial statements.

The Katren OJSC 2016 Annual Marketing Report is published on the website of the holding in the “Investors / Annual Report” section and is also available under the link. The annual marketing report is not an annual report in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 70 of the Bank of Russia Regulation No. 454-P dated 30 December 2014 “On Disclosure of Information by Issuers of Equity Securities.” The text of the Katren OJSC Annual Report disclosed in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 70 of the Bank of Russia Regulation No. 454-P dated 30 December 2014 “On Disclosure of Information by Issuers of Equity Securities” will be published on the webpage http://e-disclosure.ru provided to Katren OJSC by the authorized agency Interfax on the website in the “Accounting” section after its approval by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Company profile
Katren Open Joint-Stock Company is a multinational group of companies running its operations in the distribution and retail segment of the pharmaceutical market. Katren OJSC owns companies in 4 countries.

Katren JSC, Russia 
A parent holding company that is engaged in the distribution of medicines in all federal districts and constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The Company’s 2016 growth in revenue amounted to 13% under the 6% general growth of the pharmaceutical market. According to the international research agency IMS Health, in the aggregate rating of pharmaceutical distributors, as well as in the aggregate ratings of direct supplies of pharmaceuticals and the volume of gross sales, Katren OJSC is one of the three leading distributors on the Russian pharmaceutical market.

According to the analytical system of market research PharmXplorer / Pharmstandard of Proxima Research, Venta LTD. is one of the three largest distributors in Ukraine in terms of the volume of medicines delivered to pharmacies. In 2016, the company's increase in revenue amounted to 21%.

MITY International LLP, Kazakhstan 
One of the largest distributors on the Kazakhstani pharmaceutical market, occupying 10.2% of the commercial pharmaceutical market. Its 2016 revenue level was at par with the level of 2015. It was the first company in the pharmaceutical distribution sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan that has passed the ISO 9001: 2000 international certification and implemented the GDP standard.

Dominantapharm ALC, Republic of Belarus
Belarusian pharmaceutical distributor. In 2016, its increase in revenue amounted to 17%.

Melodiya Zdorovya Pharmacy Chain, Russia
The 2016 increase in turnover of this chain was 24%. The pharmacy chain incorporates 912 pharmacies in 53 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including franchises. RNC Pharma Analytical Company awarded Melodia Zdorovya Pharmacy Chain with the 5th place in a comprehensive rating during the Russian pharmacy chains research.