20.03 2017

Apteka.ru Joins Russia's TOP-15 Largest On-Line Stores in 2016

In 2016, the number of users of Apteka.ru – an online service used to search for medicines, reached 4 million.

№  Site Audience*, mln peoples 
1.  Aliexpress.ru  22,194 
2.  Ozon.ru  8,987 
3.  Eldorado.ru  7,564 
4.  Dns-shop.ru  6,976 
5.  Mvideo.ru  6,923 
6.  Wildberries.ru  6,772 
7.  Ulmart.ru  6,012 
8.  Ebay.ru  5,157 
9.  Lamoda.ru  4,548 
10.  Citilink.ru  4,420 
11.  Svyaznoy.ru  4,118 
12.  Apteka.ru  3,959 
13.  Alibaba.com  3,936 
14.  Sportmaster.ru  3,700 
15.  Labirint.ru  3,437 
16.  Bonprix.ru  2,982 
17.  Technopoint.ru  2,783 
18.  Leroymerlin.ru  2,723 
19.  MediaMarkt.ru  2,624 
20.  Laredoute.ru  2,186 

The Russian Association of Internet Trading Companies has published the 2016 rating of the largest websites accessed by Russian internet users to order goods online. The Apteka.ru website is ranked 12th, ahead of Alibaba.com, Sportmaster.ru, and Labirint.ru. Apteka.ru is the only pharmaceutical website in the TOP-20.

Apteka.ru does not carry out Internet commerce. The website user submits an online order* for medicines or health and beauty products, and then buys them from a partner pharmacy. .

Apteka.ru was established by the Katren Company in 2012. The annual number of applications submitted by users on the website is increasing several times. At the end of 2015, Apteka.ru was ranked 10th in terms of the number of orders among Russian websites and 33rd in terms of product turnover in the Russian E-Commerce Index TOP-100 rating. In 2016, Apteka.ru was rewarded two prizes by the Green Cross Foundation for Pharmacists Award in the nominations for Social Project of the Year and Pharmaceutical Brand of the Year.

*The term ‘order’ on the www.apteka.ru website and/or in this press statement can be understood as an application submitted by a user of a specified website to Katren JSC on behalf of a pharmacy to deliver the selected goods in compliance with the supply contract entered into between the latter. This information is not a public offer. Information suitable only for people aged 18 or older.