13.10 2016

First Winner of the Apteka.ru "The Millionth Order" Promotion Receives a Reward

October 5, 2016, Omsk. - Apteka.ru, the largest pharmacy goods search and order service,* presented a tablet to the first winner of "The Millionth Order"** promotion.

Olga Krikoryants from Omsk placed an order with the service just to find out later that it was the two millionth order in 2016.

Katren JSC, the founder and owner of Apteka.ru, tabulates the orders* placed by the users of the service. Every year since the service began its operation in 2012, the number of orders* placed through Apteka.ru increases several fold. If in the project's introductory year only about 10,000 orders were made through the service, in 2015 this number exceeded 1.9 million.* As of today, the customers of Apteka.ru have made almost 5,000,000 orders since the launching of the Apteka.ru website. In 2016 alone, the number of orders exceeded 2,000,000.

As the number of orders was approaching 5 million,* Katren rolled out its "The Millionth Order" promotion.** According to its terms, prizes are awarded to two service users: the user who placed the 2 millionth order (calculated since January 1, 2016), and the users who placed the 5 millionth order (calculated from the day one of the web site's operation).

On October 5, 2016, representatives of Katren JSC awarded the first winner, Olga Krikoryants from Omsk, whose August 3, 2016 order* happened to be the order number 2,000,000 since the beginning of 2016. Director of Katren's standalone subdivision in Omsk Alexander Sindeyev personally handed a tablet to Olga.

Commenting on the occasion, Director of the Company's subdivision in Omsk Alexander Sindeyev said,

"Katren has developed a unique service allowing any resident of our vast country to gain access to a wide range of medications through the Apteka.ru web service. The items ordered* through the service are delivered to the indicated by the service user pharmacy-Katren's service partner where the purchase and sale process actually takes place. Conducting business this way, we ensure that transportation, storage and sale of pharmacy goods are carried out in compliance with the legislation. Our service has existed for four years, and every year the number of service users is snowballing. This year we are celebrating two occasions: we have received the two millionth order* since the beginning of the year, and we are about to receive the five millionth order since the launching of our service*! I am happy that a resident of Omsk won "The Millionth Order" reward because I can personally congratulate Olga Krikoryants and hand her our gift."

Olga Krikoryants, the first winner of "The Millionth Order" reward said, "Apteka.ru is indeed a very handy tool, which I regularly use. The prize-winning order* was the eleventh order I have placed with the service this year. Usually, I order either the items to replenish my first aid kit or cosmetic products.* There are many pharmacies in Omsk where you can pick up items* bought through Apteka.ru. They all have an easily recognizable partner logo. I always order* the items to be delivered to the pharmacy closest to my house and pick them up at a convenient time. It is very nice to be a winner of a promotion and unexpectedly receive such a useful present! Soon, I will use the tablet to order more stuff through Apteka.ru.* It will not be hard since it already has a mobile version of the service."


Katren JSC
Katren JSC is the largest pharmaceutical distributor in Russia and is part of the OJSC Katren Group. The total area of its warehouse complexes comprises 121,500 square metres. In 2015 JSC Katren’s trade turnover totalled 203 billion roubles, and it held 18.4% of the market share of the direct supply of pharmaceuticals. JSC Katren works with 701 suppliers and has 23 branches throughout Russia. Katren supplies to 44,235 end-delivery points.

*For the purposes of www.apteka.ru and/or of the present press release, the term "order" shall mean the filing of a request addressed to JSC RPC Katren by a user of the web site on behalf of a pharmacy with an instruction to deliver selected goods in compliance with the supply contract signed by the pharmacy and JSC RPC Katren. The present information does not constitute a public offer and is strictly informational in nature. Information 18+ **Terms and conditions of "The Millionth Order" promotion are available on Apteka.ru