17.05 2016

Revenue of Katren Group of Companies in 2015 was equal to 214 bln rubles (VAT excluded)

Katren OJSC has published the group of companies' results for 2015 at www.katrengroup.ru.

As Vladimir Spiridonov, the Director General for Katrren OJSC says: "2015 was successful for Katren OJSC the profit for the group of companies amounted to 5.2 bln rubles, which is the highest on record. Disregarding the fact that the economy is still in meltdown, 2015 in comparison with 2014 saw smoother changes, as all the company's subdivisions performed quite well, generally speaking".

The Group's revenue rose by 25% against 2014 and amounted to 214 bln roubles. EBITDA, being a key financial indicator for the company's operational activity, hit 8.3 m rubles, which was 82% bigger than in 2014.  

In 2015, the accounting policies concerning IAS reporting in the presentation currency being the ruble were amended. The consolidated financial statements for 2015 was confirmed by an independent KPMG auditor and is provided at http://katrengroup.ru/for_investors/fin_invest.asp.

Company profile

Katren Open Joint-Stock Company is a multinational group of companies running its operations in the distribution and retail segment of the pharmaceutical market. Katren OJSC owns companies in 4 countries.


Katren JSC, Russia 
The key company in the group of companies which distributes medical drugs in all the federal districts and constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The revenue augmentation in 2015 was equal to 27% while the total growth of the pharmaceutical market was 9.2%. According to IMS Health international research agency, Katren JSC is a leader in the Russian pharmaceutical market as per cumulative rating of pharmaceuticals distributors as well as the cumulative ratings of medical drugs direct deliveries and gross sales volume.

According to the PharmXplorer/"Farmstandart" market research analytical system of Proxima Research, Venta.LTD is among the three top distributors in Ukraine in terms of medical drugs deliveries to pharmacies. The company's revenue augmented by 26% in 2015.

EMITY International LLP, Kazakhstan 
One of the largest distributors in the Kazakhstan’s pharmaceutical market with the share of 13.6% of the commercial pharmaceutical market. The revenue augmented by 12% in 2015. In this republic, it is the first company of the pharmaceutical market distribution sector, which was internationally certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and which put the GDP standard into operation.

Dominantapharm ALC, Republic of Belarus
Belarusian pharmaceutical distributor. The revenue augmented by 37% in 2015.


Melodiya Zdorovya Pharmacy Chain, Russia 
The sales turnover in the chain increased by 14% in 2015. The chain is made up of 617 pharmacies, including the franchisees' ones in the 53 RF constituent entities. RNC Pharma analytical company ranked Melodiya Zdorovya sixth in the integrated rating of the federal pharmacy chains in the Russian Federation.