18.02 2015

Standard & Poor’s confirms Katren’s high credibility

In November 2014, Standard & Poor’s determined JSC Katren's position on both international and national rating scales.

On the international scale, the company received a long-term credit rating of BB- and a short-term one of B. On the Russian scale, the company got a ruAA- rating, which means a high credibility. 

The company's business risk level is estimated as «low», financial risks as «medium». It is worth noting that the majority of risks are caused by low profitability in the sector and the volatility of current assets, as well as the «less than adequate» liquidity ratio.

The results clearly show that Katren is one of the biggest and most effective players on the pharmaceutical market, having a medium level of leverage. 

According to Standard & Poor’s recognized ratings, the forecast is evaluated as «stable», i.e. Katren is expected to maintain its high performance for the next two years. In addition, the ratings are similar to S&P’s ratings for 2013 which gives them additional reliability.