08.09 2014

16th Annual National Conference “State regulation in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical products”

The 16th Annual National Conference “State regulation in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical products – FarmMedObraschenie 2015” will take place in Moscow from 29 to 30 October.



Panel session



  • Good Manufacturing Practice standards: steps toward success
  • Governmental quality control of medicine: focus on quality, opportunities for development
  • Pricing and medicine availability: from global strategies to local problems
  • Medicine manufacturing process development: new pharmaceutical forms, materials and packages
  • Production of innovative Russian pharmaceuticals: growth zones and development potential
  • Russian Federation's public pharmacare strategy: goals and evaluation of results
  • Circulation of medicines within the Eurasian Economic Community customs union: designing effective collaboration methods
  • Regulating the circulation of medicines: procedures and development perspectives
  • Expert evaluation at the stage of medicine registration is vital for quality assurance


Representatives of the State Duma, specialists from Russian and foreign regulation bodies and research establishments, representatives of non-governmental organizations, professional associations, wholesalers and retailers, drug manufacturers.



Russian public health regulation bodies, educational institutions of higher and additional professional education, research institutes, medical and pharmaceutical organizations, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturers, professional associations, medical laboratories, etc.

Employees of regional healthcare authorities participate for free (official letter required, more information at www.fru.ru)

Details can be found at www.fru.ru and www.phmo.ru, or by phone: (495) 359-06-42, 359-53-38, e-mail: fru@fru.ru, skype: fru2012

The organizing committee reserves the right to alter the agenda and the speakers list.