02.04 2014

Katren leads the pharmaceutical distributors rating

Katren leads the pharmaceutical distributors rating at year-end 2013

2013 was a tough year for all pharmaceutical distributors, as pharmacy retailers started to compete with wholesalers more and more. Last year, pharmacy chains were the main news makers on the pharmaceutical market, heavily influencing its dynamics. Pharmacy chains competing with wholesalers cause an even more strained situation in the pharmaceutical distributors market which was highly competitive to begin with.

Therefore, distributors had to keep improving their efficiency to remain competitive and keep their market share. Katren's results in this aspect speak for themselves: the company leads the overall Russian pharmaceutical distributors rating.

Implementation of information technology and development of partnerships. According to the experts, these are the most important directions for distribution models in a international development context. At the beginning of 2013, Katren was the first to launch an online portal for ordering, which was later aggressively developed in the regions (over 7,000 partner pharmacies as of now).

Since the beginning of the year, Katren has shown a good dynamic, taking the lead in the direct supplies market, including Reimbursable Drug Coverage. The company’s market share grew from 13.41% in 2012 to 16.74% in 2013.

By the end of the year, Katren took the lead in gross sales, thus drawing ahead of Protek for the first time in several years and finally reinforcing its leading position in the 2013 overall distributor rating.

Comments on estimates

*Number of Federal Districts where the distributor has certified warehouses.

** In relation to the rating leader.

*** Estimated value.

**** Based on Biotek's own data.


Source: IMS Health's pharmaceutical distributors rating; based on monitored companies' data.

In this press release, data from the Farmatsevticheskiy Vestnik newspaper were used.»