25.03 2014

Most influential distributor!

CJSC Katren has been recognized as the most influential Russian pharmaceutical distributor.

Farmatsevticheskiy Vestnik has published the results of research aimed to determine the top 15 Russian pharmaceutical distributors for 2013. The rating is composed by RNC Pharma. 800 experts from 36 Russian cities, spanning eight federal districts, took part in creating the rating.

 Katren was recognized as the most influential distributor. The rating’s authors say that the experts’ analysis coincides with the real position of companies according to market shares: JSC Katren is ahead of the nearest competitor, TsV Protek, by a hair's breadth (the runners-up share is 97.4% of the leader's). Katren controlled 16.3% of the direct pharmaceutical supplies market in 2013.