09.11 2021

Katren included among the top 25 companies for female staff, in terms of career opportunities

Forbes has published its annual rating of the best Russian companies for women to work in. Katren came 17th in the rating, ahead of such companies as Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Gazprombank, Russian Standard etc.

This is the second time Forbes has published its annual rating of companies in terms of the career opportunities they offer to female staff. The assessment covered a range of factors, including the number of female employees as a percentage of all staff, promotion opportunities, corporate programs for women and any special services provided. The information came from company surveys, and from studies of publicly-available data, including employee feedback and data on vacancies. The list of the top 25 Russian companies for women includes major international corporations, Russian manufacturers from various different sectors, and companies involved in the primary sector of the economy. SPC Katren JSC came 17th in the rating, with 64.2 points.

SPC Katren JSC is a company “with a feminine face”: two thirds of its 3,500 employees are women. Ever since the Group was founded, the main criteria for appointing employees to top management positions have been efficiency and results, irrespective of the employee’s age or sex. Central to the company’s social policy are the principles governing its relations with its staff: equal opportunities, respect for employees’ rights and freedoms, and the prohibition of any type of discrimination.

Katren is a distribution company with a 20% share of the retail pharmacy market, delivering to more than 53,000 pharmacies and outlets for pharmaceutical products throughout Russia. The Apteka.ru service, which also belongs to the Katren Group, is the leader in the ePharma market, with a share of 29.2%. The Company’s mission and guiding principles have remained unchanged since its foundation: to maintain high quality standards and meet deadlines in the delivery of medicines, and to further develop the Apteka.ru service by increasing the number of delivery points and extending the geographical range of the service, thus improving people’s quality of life.

Irina Tsoi, chairperson of Katren JSC’s board of directors: Like the other companies in the Katren Group, SPC Katren JSC upholds the principle of equal opportunities. As the head of the company, my top priority is always the candidate’s professionalism and skills, but it is also important to consider how the person will fit into the team, because teamwork is crucial to our shared success. The company considers its staff to be its main capital, and invests funds in their development. We have annual staff training programs aimed at developing their potential and we support those who find themselves in need and pay employees additional allowances for the birth of children. That is why many of our staff have stayed with us for over 15 years, and why our management team, at all levels, includes many women, who are able to combine their career with looking after their family.


Prepared using materials provided by Forbes