21.07 2021

Katren-Style becomes the most well-known online resource among pharmacists

Based on the results of a study carried out by the Top Of Mind* company, the Katren-Style magazine has become the most well known online resource among pharmacists.

The survey was conducted in May 2021 among pharmacists who have worked in the sector for over 15 years in the Central, Northwestern, Southern, Volga (Privolzhsky), Ural and Siberian Federal Districts of Russia. Participants had to answer a few questions about the use of pharma industry-related information resources.

In response to the question “What professional online resources for pharmacists do you know, irrespective of whether or not you subscribe to it?”, 42% of those surveyed said “Katren-Style” without being prompted to do so. In fact, with a bit of assistance, 79.7% of respondents mentioned Katren-Style.

Based on the aforementioned outcomes, the magazine took the top spot. In the ranking of most well-known online resources, PharmZnanie ended up in second place (with 35% and 61.7% of respondents mentioning it without and with prompting respectively), while the Smartpharma association came third, with 29.3% and 53.3 % of those surveyed knowing about it.

In addition, Katren-Style took the first spot in the most interesting ranking. 73.9% of respondents rated materials published by the online magazine as interesting in comparison to those in other pharma industry-related information sources. In the most trusted and useful resource categories, Katren-Style came second, losing to PharmZnanie by a less than 1% margin.

Not only can readers access the latest news related to the pharma sector and informative articles about working in a pharmacy in the Katren-Style magazine, but they can also discuss issues of concern to them with experts in the Webinar section of the website. 

*Top Of Mind is a market research agency that conducts qualitative and quantitative studies anywhere in Russia as well as in CIS countries. It is part of the PSYMA GROUP AG holding company.