10.03 2021

Apteka.ru continues to hold the lead in the e-com segment of Russian pharmaceutical retail in 2020.

RNC Pharma presented the Top 15 companies in the e-com segment, the leader among which is the service Apteka.ru.

In 2020, the service's share of the commercial drug market was 2.8%. This is the largest figure among all 15 chains. SBER EAPTEKA ranked second with a rate of 0.5%. At the end of 2019, Apteka.ru had a 2.3% market share. Thus, over the year the share of the service increased by 0.5%.

Apteka.ru pays special attention to expanding the range of parapharmaceutical products, and this is reflected in the performance of the service: the company's share of the nonpharmaceutical range sold in the retail pharmacy market is a record 5.28%. This is seven times greater than the nearest competitor.

Top 15 pharmacy chains and associations by the share of sales through their own online services in 2020*