15.12 2020

Apteka.ru website recognized as the most convenient resource for the visually impaired

The Everland initiative for promoting inclusivity and the Special View information portal have reported the results of a study aimed at figuring out which online tools, including delivery, food shopping and pharmacy services, were the most user-friendly for the visually impaired. The Apteka.ru website and application earned top grades.

Web developers and test users with disabilities, who completed a special training course, took part in the research study. All in all, Everland experts evaluated 78 organizations from 15 most-in-demand among the population service sectors, including food shops, pharmacies, public service portals, banks and taxi ordering websites, etc. Grades of 1 through 5 were assigned, with that of 1 indicating the service was either unavailable or user inaccessible and that it was impossible to perform the necessary operation, while the grade of 5 meant ease of access and unrestricted use.


For online pharmacies, the following three tools were assessed: the website, as well as the iOS and Android mobile apps. The overall grade given to each resource for ease of accessibility was calculated by taking an average of the points assigned for each use case tested in the relevant sector. The results of the research were reported on the Special View information portal.

Natalia Ovchinnikova, the head of the PR department at the public entrepreneurial initiative, Everland, says: “This year, our visually impaired test users checked to what extent online services available in different sectors were compatible with special speech synthesizer software (screen readers). According to the results of the research study, the website and mobile app of Apteka.ru were among the top online services. We are glad that your company focuses on making resources widely accessible. We thank you for including people with disabilities among your clients.”


Anatoly Tentser, Director of Development, SPC Katren JSC (Apteka.ru), has stated: “In 2020, we fully updated the Apteka.ru website and made it even more user-friendly. While designing it, we tried to take into account the needs of users with disabilities. As a result, at present, our services are much more accessible for all of our clients.”