14.10 2020

Katren keeps its place at the top of the rating of satisfaction with service quality

Ipsos has presented the results of Opinion of Qualified Pharmaceutical Chemists,  its regular Pharma-Q poll for Spring, which analyzes practices in Russia’s pharmacy sector.

Katren has kept its place at the top of the rating of pharmacies’ satisfaction with the quality of service provided by distributors - scoring 0.78 (see the details of the methodology, below). The customer satisfaction index for managers of pharmacies is calculated using data on coverage and the percentage of respondents who awarded the distributor the maximum of five points for its overall work. This indicator makes it possible to compare pharmacies’ satisfaction levels when working with distributors with different levels of coverage.

Fig. 1 Pharmacy coverage of distributors


In a spontaneous assessment of distributors and their importance for the respondents, SPC Katren JSC retained its place at the top of the table - 32% of respondents named it as the most important distributor without being prompted.

Fig. 2 The most important distributor


The data from the survey, which was conducted from the end of February to the end of March 2020, makes it possible to study changes in the relative importance of several different aspects of the service provided by the distributor. The level of prices has consistently been, and remains, the most important factor (69.1%), but the largest growth is in the importance of price stability - which was 61.7% in June 2020, compared with 57.8% in the equivalent period last year.

Fig. 3 Dynamics of the factors that make up a comprehensive assessment of the distributor's service


2072 respondents took part in the research, of whom 585 were purchasing managers, heads or deputy heads of pharmacies.