05.10 2020

Apteka.ru found to be the most widely recognized pharmacy brand in Russia

Romir survey shows Apteka.ru brand is widely trusted among customers

The Romir research holding conducted a survey to measure customer awareness of various pharmacy brands and the level of trust placed in them. Based on its results, Apteka.ru was ranked first in both categories, i.e. confidence in the brand and its recognition. Additional information is available in a report published on September 30 on the holding’s website.

1,500 respondents from cities with populations in each exceeding 100,000 took part in the survey. The participants of the study were asked to select the view (i.e. positive, negative or unknown (no knowledge of the company)) about each pharmacy chain that best described their opinion about it.

The survey results showed that Apteka.ru took the lead, with more than 75% of respondents aware of the brand and 82% indicating they trusted it. The pharmacy chain 36.6 came in second place, with more than half of survey participants (i.e. 56%) finding this brand recognizable and 67% expressing confidence in it. The Rigla pharmacy chain ended up in third place with 41% of respondents aware of this brand. However, it came only in 5th place, gaining 61% of the votes, in the level of trust category with Vita and Melody of Health pharmacy chains outperforming Rigla.