28.09 2020

According to the results of a survey, Katren-Style’s webinars were rated the most interesting and topical in the market.

In the Pharmacy Summit conference held in Moscow on September 15, a group of experts headed by Oleg Goncharov, Head of Business Trends and Marketing Director at the Apteka 24 Pharmacy, presented the results of a wide-ranging independent survey: “Development and Staff Training Systems”. According to the survey, Katren-Style was the leader among providers of distance-learning platforms in two categories: Interesting Content and Topical Content.


As part of the survey, participants rated different distance learning platforms. In the survey, Katren-Style webinars were rated first in the category Interesting Content, with 4.39 points on a five-point scale. The Doctrina Educational Centre came second, and the Pharmznanie platform came third.


Katren-Style also came first in the Topical Content category. Doctrina Educational Centre and Own Development of Pharmacy Chain took the second and third places.


Katren-Style also came second in popularity (14.9 % of votes), just losing out to Pharmznanie (20.9% of votes). The Own Development of Pharmacy Chain came third (10.4%), the Pharmamed platform came fourth (9.4 %) and the TsentrPharma project came fifth (8.8%).


In answer to the general questions, a large proportion of pharmacy bosses (46.1 %) said that they had no plans to spend a lot of money on training, while 29.6% admitted that training was not among their company’s main heads of expenditure. Most importantly, the area that pharmacy staff most need training in, according to their bosses, is “Ability to provide advice on pharmacy products”.

Interestingly, the pharmacy staff themselves rated “Ability to upsell effectively” as the area where they needed most training (19.6 %). Advising customers came only third, with 16.8 % of the votes. As for the most effective learning method, “Training videos and video presentations” was the most popular option with pharmacy staff (32.9 % of votes). The second most effective option was “Webinars with the opportunity for questions and answers” (28.4 % of votes.)

Notes: The survey was conducted in July and August 2020. It was organized by a group of experts in the on-line education market: Oleg Goncharov, Elena Lazareva (Doctrina Educational Center), Denis Vyaznikov (RX Code Agency) and Vadim Efremov (Skillary). More than 900 representatives of the pharmacy market from 100 cities in Russia participated in the survey. The majority of the respondents (710 people) were pharmacy staff — qualified pharmaceutical chemists, pharmacists and pharmacy managers. In addition, 160 pharmacy heads and owners of pharmacies and pharmacy chains answered questions in the survey. 30 representatives of producers and distributors also participated in the survey.