25.09 2020

Katren’s branch in Krasnodar finishes modernizing its warehouse

SPC Katren JSC has completed the project aimed at increasing the storage space of and modernizing its warehouse facilities.

The warehouse facilities in Krasnodar had to be expanded on account of the 1.5-fold increase in orders placed via Apteka.ru and the plan to broaden the range of goods stored there.

As part of the project to modernize the warehouse facilities, software and equipment were upgraded, new work places for supervisors were created and the capacity of the conveyor system was increased. These measures helped broaden the range of stored goods to 30,000 types.

In order to process client orders faster, the technology used to get orders together was replaced. Earlier, the paperless Pick by Light technology was employed at the warehouse facilities, but from September onwards, orders are fulfilled using radio frequency (RF) picking terminals, which reduce the likelihood of mixing up goods when an order is being processed.

In the short-term, the plan is to install an automated packaging system, and to expand the space used to get orders together on the second and third levels of the warehouse facilities. This will help broaden the range of stored goods to 50,000 types in future.