15.04 2020

Apteka.ru is now among ten biggest online stores in Russia

Based on the number of orders in year 2019, Apteka.ru has earned 3rd place and, according to its sales volumes, it is in 8th position.

On 9 April, an online conference was held to award Е-commerce Index TOP-100 prizes from Data Insight. The largest online stores vied for 15 awards in four categories: “Market Leader”, “Growth Quality”, “Growth Models” and “Leader in Growth”.

During the ceremony, the winners of the competition were announced. E-commerce platform Apteka.ru performed very well in 2019 by moving up the rankings from 13th to 8th place over the space of a year. Based on the number of orders, Apteka.ru reached the third spot. In addition, in year 2019, the growth of the retail service platform exceeded that of its rivals in the TOP-10. In comparison to 2018, Apteka.ru’s sales volumes grew by 171% and the number of orders placed by users by 175%. Experts chose Apteka.ru as the winner in the “Leader in growth: acceleration” sub-category.

Research agency Data Insight publishes the E-Commerce Index TOP-100 on a yearly basis. The ranking includes 100 of the largest Russian stores based on volumes of their online sales for the year.

An integrated methodology for collecting and assessing data about these businesses is at the heart of the rating. The E-Commerce Index takes into account available information on online sales volumes and numbers of orders.