10.02 2020

Ipsos: Apteka.ru service leads in usability

Ipsos Comcon, an international market research agency, updated its regular survey “Pharma-Q – Pharmacists opinion” on drug reservation services.

The poll held among 583 wholesale buyers and 1,480 pharmacists.

Among the services of drugs ordering Apteka.ru website is the undisputed leader in the coverage of pharmacists who have noted its use, and is many times ahead of competing sites in this indicator. Also among the respondents, the number of users of the Apteka.ru mobile application is increasing.

For several yearsApteka.ru is holding a leading position in terms of convenience, importance and service coverage. The highest growth rate Apteka.ru demonstrates by the “importance” parameter. Also among the respondents, the proportion of those who note the use of the Apteka.ru mobile application is increasing.

According to market analysts *, in 2019, Apteka.ru grew 2.7 times. A steady increase in service users provides a predictable level of service for the client. Apteka.ru provides customers with the most popular services: a wide range, low price, more than 17,000 points where you can get an order ** in compliance with all legal requirements. Today Apteka.ru is the only specialized online store that receives orders in quantities commensurate with the largest marketplaces.

* The size of the Russian e-commerce market in 2019

** “Order” on the site www.apteka.ru means the formation by the user of the indicated site of the application to the address of Katren JSC from the pharmacy organization for the supply of the selected product in accordance with the agreement concluded between the last supply contracts.