05.03 2020

Ipsos: Katren-Style holds the lead in popularity among online media for pharmacists

Ipsos conducted the autumn round of 2019 of the regular survey Pharma-Q: Opinion of Qualified Pharmaceutical Chemists/Pharmacists on pharmacy practices in Russia. One of the components of the study was data on the assessment of dispensing pharmacists and pharmacy managers of the use of industry websites in their professional activities.

In the autumn round of the 2019 Pharma-Q survey, Ipsos, for the first time ever, divided specialized websites evaluated by respondents into the following groups: Websites of medical periodicals, Social networks & forums, Information portals and Websites for searching and reserving/ordering medicines in pharmacies.

In the Websites of medical periodicals group, the online magazine Katren-Style takes the lead in terms of coverage of users among pharmacy staff: 58.9% of the respondents said they had visited the website. At the same time, the share of purchasing managers who mentioned that they were readers of this online publication is higher (68.7%) than that of top managers (54.2%). The second place (41.4%) went to the Pharmvestnik (Pharmaceutical Bulletin). The Da Signa magazine ranks third with a 21.2% audience coverage.

In addition, Katren-Style is ranked first among the Websites of medical periodicals in terms of convenience and importance. More than a third of the respondents gave the website the highest grade in this parameter.


Source: Ipsos, Pharma-Q: Opinion of Qualified Pharmaceutical Chemists/Pharmacists, Autumn 2019.
Respondents: 1,480 dispensing pharmacists and 583 purchasing managers from 27 Russian cities.

Katren-Style is also ranked first in terms of frequency of users visits at the website: 12.6% of respondents use Katren-Style once a week and more often, 20.1%, 2-3 times a month, and a quarter of the respondents (25.4%), once a month and less often.

As part of the Pharma-Q survey, Ipsos presented data on various types of professional distance learning. In general, 67.7% of dispensing pharmacists and 76.4% of purchasing managers use at least one type of such training: webinars, online expert consultations, certification and professional training.

Among the chemists who use at least one of the existing online learning platforms on the market, 17.8% mentioned using Katren-Style as a platform for distance learning. Thus, the magazine was ranked third after the original developments of pharmacy chains (34.1%) and the Pharmznanie platform (26%). The ratings of Katren-Style webinars are higher among the mixed audience, dispensing pharmacists and managers: the use of the platform was noted by 21.6% of the interviewed employees of pharmacy organizations, which is 4.5% more than in spring 2019.

Katren-Style webinars

The position of Katren-Style as a learning platform is higher among managers responsible for purchasing: second place (29% among those using distance learning). Compared to the previous round of the survey, this indicator increased by 6.2%. In addition, Katren-Style was ranked second in terms of frequency of use among purchasing managers, after the original developments of pharmacy chains.

The share of purchasing managers who evaluated the convenience of Katren-Style as a learning platform with the top grade of five points increased from 14.9% to 22.1% over the year, which provided the site with the second place by this indicator.

According to Google Analytics, the average monthly attendance of the site in 2019 was 190,224 people. In 2018, the indicator value reached 130,043 people. Thus, the increase amounted to 46%. A similar situation is observed with the number of views of articles. The average monthly index of 2018 was recorded as 291,800 views, in 2019; this index grew to 411,276 views (+40% year to year).

In 2019, the Katren-Style website held 57 advertising and editorial webinars with an average attendance of 597 participants. Compared to 2018, the average attendance of webinars increased by 47%.