04.02 2020

Pharmacists name Katren the most important distributor

Ipsos Analytical Agency provided data from the autumn stage of its pharmaceutical survey

Ipsos, which specializes in pharmaceutical market research, has been conducting regular “Pharma-Q Pharmacists’ Opinion survey” since 2002. In December, data was received on the last stage of the survey, which took place in the autumn of 2019.

Twice a year, Ipsos conducts a survey of pharmacists’ and chemists’ opinions on the quality of the service provided by distributors. Pharmacies and small pharmacy chains with independent purchasing options were surveyed. The respondents were pharmacy managers, deputy managers and procurement managers. A total of 583 pharmacies were surveyed, including 544 commercial ones. According to the interviewed pharmacists, Katren remains the most important distributor.

The most important distributor











Pharmacies’ satisfaction index with their distributor has increased. It consists of the ratio of pharmacy coverage by a Distributor and a 5 grade scale assessment of its performance. Thus, the higher the index, the better the Distributor’s service is assessed directly by its customers. Of the Katren customers surveyed, 66% gave the Distributor’s performance the highest grade.

Assessment of the company’s work on the whole













Overall, Katren’s work received the highest rating from pharmacists over the last 5 cycles of the survey. The growth of positive reviews was noted for all the service components: absence of defects, delivery terms, product range and price level.


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