06.09 2019

Apteka.ru triples sales in H1 2019

Data Insight analytics agency has summarized the H1 2019 results in e-commerce market.

Apteka.ru is an e-pharmacy which ranks among the top three online services in terms of growth rates, together with Wildberries and Ozon.ru. A detailed report with the market values and trends is available on the agency’s web-page.

According to analysts, during H1 2019 the number of orders placed in the Russian e-commerce market reached 191 million, almost the same as during the entire 2016. As compared with the same period in 2018 the number of orders grew by 44%. Data Insight’s experts say this is unprecedented progress over the whole period of observations.

The e-market capacity is RUB 725 billion, which is 26% higher than in H1 2018.

At the same time the average order value decreased by 13%. The experts believe this is because customers tend to spend less, but do shopping more often.

Data Insight’s analysts emphasize the positive dynamics of the three online trade platforms. “Rocketing growth of the market leaders: in the first place, these are Wildberries, Ozon and Apteka.ru (sales tripled). Their aggregate growth was 107% as compared with H1 2018, against 37% for the same platforms during 2016-2017,” analysts say.

Data Insight’s partner, Fyodor Virin explains the upward performance trends of the market leaders by the changed customer behavior:

“Some major players made huge investments into TV commercials, which brought to e-commerce segment both new customers (lesser share) and those who have irregular and negative experience in e-shopping (bigger share). Such customers not only came to try those e-stores which were actually advertised, but they try all e-stores in general. As most orders were placed with the largest e-stores, and the customers enjoyed positive experience and a low price, this resulted in their smooth migration to active e-buyers audience. Choosing ‘customer pick-up’ option (via parcel terminals and pick-up outlets) resulted in leaving behind the negative experience of using carrier services. This standardization of customer experience, the experience that not necessarily is excellent, but it remains the same (or gets better) with each new order, will boost further sales,” the expert says.

Anatoly Tentser, the owner of Apteka.ru, made some comments on the market progress of his e-pharmacy.

“Apteka.ru has always focused on offering its customers the most popular services: a broad product range, a low price, over 15,000 outlets where you can pick-up your order in full compliance with legislative requirements. As Fyodor Virin rightly noted, an important trend in the market is migrating from carrier delivery to a broad network of pick-up outlets featuring accessible locations and a level of service the customer can expect. All those factors together with impressive investments in the market promotion resulted in sustainable growth and winning a status of the market leader. Apteka.ru today is the only specialized e-store whose number of orders placed is close to those of the largest market places,” the company’s representative said.