Apteka.ru is the largest Russian online service for looking up and ordering* pharmacy goods. With the help of apteka.ru, end consumers can place orders, and then collect them from the pharmacy they have selected, as long as it is a partner of the service. The Apteka.ru website receives more than 18 million visitors and 110 million views per month.
Apteka.ru is now one of the top 5 pharmacy sites in the world** and one of the world’s top 100 websites***, and it also stands first on the list of the top 10 participants in the pharmacy sector, according to Data Insight****.

18 mln


110 mln


8 reasons to become a partner of Apteka.ru for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Promote your products on most the popular website for ordering online among consumers in Russia.

Excellent conversion rate of almost 8%.

Approximately 21,500 pharmacies where consumers can go to collect and pay for products. Each pharmacy serves 10,000 people in Russia.

Ability to address the end user directly and receive feedback.

Less intermediaries between requesting to place an ad and receiving an order.

Ability to track the effectiveness of an advertising message based on sales results.

Ability to place information about your company and advertising material in the special "read" section of the website.

Opportunity to participate in a social development project by becoming a partner of a charity program for helping orphans.

* “Ordering”, or “placing an order” on www.apteka.ru means a request made by a visitor to the website for a product from a pharmacy, which is submitted to Katren JSC, followed by the purchase of said product from the pharmacy in accordance with a delivery agreement between the pharmacy and Katren JSC. The visitor chooses the product and the pharmacy from those available on the website.
** Based on data provided by the SimilarWeb Platform for analytics from April 2019.
*** Rating of the top 100 sites by E-Commerce Index, 2018.
**** Based on data provided by the Data Insight international analytics agency, 2018.