JSC Katren, headquartered in Novosibirsk, is a wholesale trader of medicines and medical products in the Russian Federation.

Constituent Documents

  • Charter of NPK Katren JSC, registered 05.09.2019 г

Local (Internal) Documents of the Company

  • JSC Katren's Anti-Corruption Policy
  • OJSC Katren's Code of Business Conduct
  • Personal Data Protection Policy
  • Special Assessment of Working Conditions
  • Mobile Application Confidentiality Policy

Other Legal Documents

  • Informational letter from statistics authorities
  • OGRN assignment certificate
  • State Registration Certificate
  • Federal pharmaceutical activity licence No. ФС-99-02-007598 dd. 26.12.2019
  • Notification of registration with the tax authority of a legal entity as the largest taxpayer
  • Certificate of registration with the tax authority of JSC NPK Katren
  • Charter Registration Sheet 05.09.2019г

Financial Statements

  • OJSC KATREN Financial Report 2018
  • OJSC KATREN Financial Report 2017
  • OJSC KATREN Financial Report 2016
  • OJSC KATREN Financial Report 2015
  • OJSC KATREN Financial Report 2014