Anti-Corruption Policy

In our work, we adhere to the principles of lawfulness, free and honest competition, protecting of human and civil rights and freedoms.

Our business policy is «zero tolerance for corruption», which means we don't tolerate any form of corruption while conducting our day-to-day business and implementing strategic projects.

The following internal documents have been approved by the company and are binding on all employees regardless of their position:

If you have information about any situations where acts of corruption or encouragements to such acts were committed by our employees, or by third parties representing Katren, or if you learn of any acts of corruption performed by contractors or by third parties in relation to Katren's interests, please inform us by e-mailing

We guarantee your confidentiality.

Where possible, please include the following information in your message:

  • sender's contact information;
  • description of the circumstances where it became known of an act of corruption or encouragement to commit to such act (date, place, time; other conditions);
  • full name and position of the company employee who was persuaded to commit acts of corruption or took part in them
  • detailed information about the corruption acts in question;
  • all known information about the person who encouraged committing the corruption-related crimes;
  • method and circumstances of the encouragement to commit acts of corruption, as well as whether the offer was rejected or accepted.